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Value-chain Financing for the Retail Segment in Pakistan

Disruption in retail

Business Philosophy:

Providing access to ethical non-predatory (Shariah Compliant) value chain financing to the unbanked Retail Segment. We prioritize long-term growth over short term profit and guide our vulnerable customers towards financial and technology literacy.

RetailPAY is an Aggregator App of financial products providing Islamic micro loans and products to the retail segment in Pakistan.

Shahzeb is the sole proprietor of Haji Tobacco Mart. He is a respected member of his community and has a personal relationship with his suppliers. RetailPAY helped him get access to credit to finance his inventory. Shahzeb now has no problem with keeping more SKU’s (Stock Keeping Units) of household brands in his shop to meet the demands of his customers. His revenue has grown more than 45% along with his profits.

Rida took over control of Chand Cold Corner after the demise of her husband. She wanted to keep the business running to support her children’s education and remain financially independent. The advance inventory product was able to meet her financing needs in a dignified and hassle-free manner. She feels empowered that RetailPAY was able to leverage her existing supply chain and she was able to grow her revenue and her disposable income by 30%.